What is your “WHY”?

I had to take “Before” pictures too ? I remember feeling ashamed, embarrassed and scared about the work I had to do. I remember wanting to lose the weight SO BAD and I wanted it to happen quickly. Surely you can relate ? I had to get a place where I wanted it so bad that nothing would get in my way.

The excuses had to ?
I’m a mom…
I don’t have enough time…
I’m built thicker…
I don’t like vegetables…
I don’t have enough money for healthy food…
There are so many…

At the end of the day, those excuses were because I wasn’t ready to put in the real work ? I could find the time, my kids will survive an hour without me, and I have enough money for healthy food if I would stop wasting money elsewhere. It all comes down to this. How bad do you want it and are you ready and willing to make your health a priority?

One day in January of 2016 I decided enough was enough. I was READY! I started moving my body, eating less processed crap, drank more water and the pounds started falling off little by little. I felt so good. I knew I needed help and hired myself a coach to help me get my nutrition dialed in because it is the most important piece when it comes to losing the weight. If only it were easier!

You will see that my second picture says TODAY not AFTER. I will always be working on myself. There is no stopping point when it comes to doing your best to get and stay healthy. I want you to be really thinking about WHY you are wanting to lose the weight? Is it just to lose weight because I bet it’s so much deeper than that.

Do you have kids or grandkids that you want to be able to run around with for a long time?
Is it to be the first person in your family to beat diabetes?
Is it because you have never ever felt confident in an outfit?

Why is it???

Write it down and put it everywhere! I promise you it will help you when you just can’t do it or it gets too hard. Be encouraged today! I am on the same path that you are.

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