"Hard work and consistency does indeed pay off."

-Kate Dalebout

What are Macros?

Our bodies are pretty complicated, meaning that they have a lot of nutritional needs in order to survive and function. The composition of our diet is essential to meeting these needs and therefore it’s important to understand the different types of macronutrients (a.k.a. “macros”).

Macronutrients are proteins, carbs, and fats. Almost every food we eat is made up of these components. We need all three in our diet, but we sometimes run into trouble when our macros are not properly proportioned.

Each of our bodies are different, meaning we each have a specific balance of proteins, carbs and fats that are perfect for us. This also depends on our specific goals. If you want to lose weight, you may have heard cutting carbs can help. But the truth is, you could be hurting more than helping by having an unhealthy macro balance.

Confused yet? This is just the tip of the iceberg. But the good news is, this is where I can help.

"Change Happened When I Believed I Could Do Hard Things."

-Kate Dalebout

Kate Dalebout

Certified in Precision Nutrition

My transformation journey began in January 2016. There I was, happily married with two amazing young boys, but something wasn’t quite right. There was something I didn’t like about my life. It was hard for me to pinpoint at first, but I eventually realized that what I didn’t like, was myself. I knew I bit off more than I could chew. So I needed help. I needed someone to show me how to tackle my goals.

I joined the North Idaho Athletic Club. I knew the trainers there would hold me accountable and I NEEDED that in order to succeed.

The pinnacle of these challenges was the marathon. The training was grueling. I didn’t even like running, but I knew I needed to do something really hard to see if I was truly committed to change. I trained for 4 months with my close friend, Kelly. On October 9th…